Visual Communication - Bachelors


Wallflowers consists of a series of three looping animated patterns which are designed to be projected on a wall as animated wallpapers. Inspired by botanicals, these playful animations engage and invigorate, bringing nature indoors.

project showreel

Nature Enclosed

The animation Nature Enclosed depicts a series of oblong shapes in which plants and insects grow and move. These small parts of nature often go ignored until they are pointed out to us.

Living Windows

Living Windows shows apartment windows taken over by greenery. This was inspired by the increased interest in indoor plants and gardening during Covid.

In the Garden

In the Garden is a fast-paced loop of flowers growing and insects moving among them, showing the constant activity of nature.

in context

As an art piece and a surface design, Wallflowers will enliven installation spaces. These may include large public areas or smaller spaces such as restaurants or the home. As the pattern is repeatable, it can be used at any scale. An alternative to traditional wallpaper, these animated patterns turn a blank wall into changeable, moving surface art.


The vector illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator and were animated using After Effects. As seen below, the patterns were created using a series of repeated tiles. Each animated element was pre-composed in After Effects and animated separately. Once completed, the animations were viewed and edited as a tile, which was then repeated to create the final patterns.

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Katherine Dahler

As a designer Katherine has developed a deep and considered interest in illustration, print and motion design. Particularly, she enjoys playful, illustrative design and telling visual stories through her work. With a passion for patterns and botanicals, Katherine has built a small art business during her studies.