Visual Communication - Bachelors

Revlon 90th Anniversary Lipstick Collection

This project celebrates 90 years of Revlon Cosmetics with a new lipstick collection featuring interactive packaging. Consisting of 9 shades, a timeless colour from each decade, the artworks take inspiration from vintage Revlon advertisements, bringing them to life with QR code enabled animations.

Bringing the artwork to life through animation will engage consumers and allow them to discover the rich and longstanding history of Revlon. Using watercolour artwork inspired by real Revlon advertisements from each decade since 1930, this packaging was made for makeup lovers, connecting them with the past and solidifying Revlon as a expert brand.

Behance Project Showreel

Caitlyn Wright

Caitlyn is a visual communication and business student who is passionate about representing information in a beautiful way to inspire and engage people through great design. With an interest in branding and design within a business context, she is always striving to learn, improve and design for the good of others.