Visual Communication - Bachelors

Mind Yourself: Affirmation + Question Card Deck

'Mind Yourself' is an 18 card affirmation and question deck that endeavours to bring meaningful connection to your fingertips through encouraging conversations and reflection, in a contemporary and easily accessible way. Aimed at young Australian woman between ages 14-25, 'Mind Yourself’ utilises a modern approach to mental wellbeing tools by incorporating a digital realm that brings users together brings to connect and reflect, in an uplifting and supportive way.


This design works by selecting a card of the day, and then scanning the QR code on the card back through our app so that users can then choose to bring to life introspection and/or communication. In a time where so many of us feel isolated from the world and may struggle to talk about our issues, mental health awareness has never been more important.


Mockup of 3 cards from the Mind yourself deck
Mockup of mind yourself app in use on an iPhone 12

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Sophie Huybers

Sophie Huybers is a multidisciplinary visual designer and content creator, who is currently in their final year studying visual communication design at university. She is passionate about creating unique, contemporary and impactful designs in all areas related to illustration, branding, layout and poster + merchandise design.