Visual Communication - Bachelors

Memento Mori

Follow one person's journey through shifting mind-scapes, as they experience the differing states of consciousness that come with the process of 'looking inward' for the first time. This project is an exploration of visual immersion, using experimental art styles and effects to engage viewers in an exhibition setting. It is a celebration of creativity and creative freedom, to explore beauty and philosophy in all its convoluted and indefinable glory.

Memento Mori

A journey of visual immersion

‘Memento Mori’ – “Remember you must die”
A stoic practise which forces people to seek higher meaning and enrichment in their lives, as they truly grasp the temporary and fleeting nature of life.

Steph Robinson

Steph is an honours year interactive and visual design student. Coming from a visual arts background she enjoys experimenting with visual styles and creating unique experiences for users. Her ultimate goal is to think differently and use a creative approach to tackle the human-nature disconnect that has created our climate crisis.