Visual Communication - Bachelors

Let’s Talk About It

'Let's Talk About It' is a set of 25 cards featuring questions aimed at aiding users to open up about their feelings, either in a group setting or individually, as a form of self reflection. These questions are accompanied by quirky line illustrations that are designed to make the interaction with the product less intimidating. Reaching out for help when struggling mentally can be hard and I hope this pack of cards will help users to speak up.

Title Image
Project Moodboard
Examples of finialised cards.
More examples of finalised cards.
A packet of seeds the user can plant and watch grow, along with a friendly card.

Mackenzie Quinn

Mackenzie Quinn is a Visual Communication student who combines her skills and appreciation of visual arts with design to create emerging, exciting and fresh design outcomes. She loves illustration and focuses on the element of line to create most of her pieces.