Visual Communication - Bachelors

La fleur

La fleur is a perfume brand. The design concept of this project presents an organic, antique, and modern atmosphere. To convey the scent of perfume through figures, I used the illustration I drew and created an organic and eco-friendly atmosphere through the pencil drawer.


La fleur means “The flower” in French and is a perfume brand inspired by the scent of street flower lilac. To simultaneously represent the beauty of the figure and the beauty of the fragrance of lilac, a perfume design was made using a medium, and the beauty of the figure tried to show the maximum beauty by using my illustration skills.

Product PACKAGING DESIGN outcome

I was inspired by wrapping the gift ribbon, so I designed it around a white band like a ribbon to present the feeling of receiving gifts. Moreover, the logo was inserted into the ribbon to ensure the identity of the product.

AR Animation

AR animation, which appears when a customer scans a product, the scene where petals fly when scanning, and after that, the scene gradually zoomed in, and the shopping logo appeared, making it close to the accessibility of shopping to customers.

AR ANIMATION Design process


The CC particle world function in the Adobe effect created the effect of flying petals.


The shopping icon was made into Illustrator. As the lilac in the middle of the product logo design gradually disappears, the effect of a shopping icon appearing there was created using After effect.


The layout was designed using an illustrator for camera screens on the mobile phone lock-up screen. Moreover, by putting the AR animation video produced in the camera layout to present how the video is played on the mobile phone, it explains how the AR video is played.


This QR code is made of Eye Jack Creator where you can actually see AR animation.

Try it with your own phone.

First, download the Eye Jack Creator application. And if you scan the QR code using the camera provided by the app and scan the image on the left, you can see the animation video playing on the mobile phone.


Sol Choi

Attracted by passion, cooperation, and empathy, I am interested in designing how people, nature, and animals can live together and become comfortable, and I am passionate about designing convenience and beauty for humans without harming natural plants and animals, and I believe design is a medium that makes people and nature convenient to live.