Visual Communication - Bachelors

Hello, I Am A Creative

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'Hello, I Am A Creative' is a companion to creative thinkers and makers, blurring the line between the physical and digital. It continues to serve as a relatable and empathetic commentary on the creative industry. As a comprehensive brand experience, it will help creatives, of all kinds to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to their practice.

The Vision

‘Hello, I Am A Creative’ is a companion to creative thinkers and makers that blurs the line between the physical and digital, a debate among artists since the tech boom. It serves as a relatable and empathetic commentary on the creative industry, targeting what many practising creatives encounter from working under pressure to imposter syndrome. As a branded experience across physical and digital forms, ‘Hello, I Am A Creative’ will help creatives of all kinds, designers, artists, photographers and many more to address these topics in a lighthearted, relatable way to start thinking outside of the box and find new methods of getting through their creative blocks.


QR code cards, front and back view for 'Hello, I Am A Creative' brand experience on red background.

Emerging Design

As new design trends emerge, the demands and innovation needed from designers to show a unique edge to our work. Incorporating emerging design methods into my work was although difficult, has taught me more about the digital side of visual communication and enhanced my skills in UX design and web prototyping. A primary goal of the ‘Hello, I Am A Creative’ branded experience is blurring the lines between physical and digital creative outlets, therefore I chose QR code technology to act as a barrier to access the digital web experience. Once the user scans the code with their device, they can access their generated virtual workspace, also accessible by a unique code. The web experience acts as a completely digital world for creatives of all kinds to collect their notes and sketches, plan their projects with the Project Planner, and generate a passion project in their spare time with interactive Prompt Cards.

Web experience Prototype

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REFLECTION ON Design Practice

As a soon-to-be graduate of Visual Communication, this project helped me consolidate everything I’ve learnt through practise throughout my degree while also allowing me to experiment with style, format and design methods. With a growing interest in UX design and a background in brand design, I was keen to create a comprehensive branded experience that transcended physical and digital planes. The outcome now acts as a valuable portfolio piece of my skills, ability to experiment, openness to new methods, and human-focused design philosophy.

Aymee Tye-Anderson

Aymee is a visual communication designer, specialising in creating strategic identities for disruptive brands. Her approach to design is entirely human-focused, crafting comprehensive and inclusive experiences across various digital and physical mediums. She has a passion for authentic, conscious design and strives to learn how she can incorporate more divergent perspectives into her work.