Visual Communication - Bachelors

Good Day

Good Day has been designed as the starting point of actions & conversations that will contribute towards a more mindful day. It is a mindfulness product that consists of an affirmation deck, and accompanying app.

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Users of Good day are invited to start their day by shuffling the deck until a card stands out to them. After reading their chosen affirmation, the card can then be scanned into the app to gain further insight. Exploring the app will provide guidance, affirmation & motivation to those wanting to improve their mindful practices.

Each deck consists of 24 affirmation cards covering three categories – health, self & goals – represented by three colour variations. This collection of affirmations were written to remind the user that they are as much in control of their day as the day appears to control them.

The Good Day app continues the user’s mindfulness journey throughout the day. Scanning the chosen daily card into the app will provide the user with a further look into their affirmation, as well as a tailored selection of inspiration, motivation, downloads, playlists & more. The app has five core features: Your Day, Your Card, Your Sound, Your Thoughts & Your Community. Each is a tool to support the user through different aspects of mindfulness, and act as a reminder of their daily affirmation.

Sophie Burton

Sophie is a graduate Graphic Designer using her skills to create meaningful and detailed design experiences. She is a strong advocate for designing for the wellbeing of humans and making positive change through any avenue possible. Combining her technical skills in the adobe suite with an emphasis on attention to detail, she is able to deliver outcomes above client expectations.