Visual Communication - Bachelors

Get Busi- Project

The Get Busi- Project is inspired by the businesses that bring us joy, creativity and a world of colour. From the coffee shop around the corner to the local creative, SERIES 1 of The Get Busi Project explores Gold Coast Businesses through a creative outlet; seeking to inspire collaboration, inspiration and appreciation for the people and craft of the businesses that make home, feel like home.​​​​​​​ The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought hardship to many people and businesses in Australia and Queensland and the resilience and creativity that businesses have shown throughout is nothing but inspiring. Working together as communities to keep one another a float, not only a float, but thriving, I was influenced to create by all these businesses that I love, and hence The Get Busi- Project.

Get Busi- Project Site

Art wall of paintings

Get Busi- Project Book

The Get Busi- Project coffee table book collates all the artworks and businesses for viewing pleasure. Specialty printed with semi-transparent paper, de-bossing and Spot UV, it showcases the work and reminds us that these places and people mean so much for our communities.

OIl on linen

Various sizes

Gabriella Dudman

Gabriella's final project in her degree is inspired by businesses that speak inspire creativity and facilitate a sense of community. As a designer and artist, Gabriella is constantly inspired by the world around her and the collaboration and craft of these businesses have inspired her in her daily and work life, and she hopes to see this project bring communities and people to the businesses and encourage support and collaboration among them.