Visual Communication - Bachelors

Flame Fragrance

‘Flame Fragrance’ has been approached by a luxury accommodation business to create a special package that is to be provided to guests of their romantic one bedroom chalets. This collaboration would be part of the micro regions aim to support more local, small businesses, and to showcase a unique experience to visitors through the use of storytelling and design.

“Local business, local experience and local products are the three most important aspects to look at when attracting a larger flow of tourists into regional and rural towns.”

Emily Prestipino

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Follow the Behance link to read about the full story and development of ‘Flame Fragrance’.

Flame Fragrance Profile

Emily Prestipino

Emily Prestipino believes in cultivating hidden possibilities and working with an idea to become familiar with every corner of its potential. Utalising her life experience and regional background to understand the smaller clientele and customer circles that might be overlooked. Emily likes to source inspiration from the natural elements around her and work with ideas that showcase the unique and personal stories that businesses are built from.