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Film Visualisation

Films are stories, and stories are significantly important to who we are. Film Visualisation explores merging design, data, Film preferences, Film Poster design to create one unique snapshot of one’s personal connection to film. Similar to Lupi (2017) Data Portraits, I wanted to create designs that visualise one’s habits, and when compared to another, it will reveal how unique our connection to Film is.

Data x design

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What does the future look like for Graphic Designers?
How will my path as a designer evolve in a world which is becoming ever more technologically intertwined?

For my final university project at QUT, I wanted to explore the concept of idea generation, data design and push the boundaries to create something unique and different. Inspired by Giorgia Lupi’s approach to revealing stories from data, and Max Loeffler’s retro sci-fi illustrative style, I have designed three dynamic posters that portray three different movie-viewing habits. The composition was assisted by a generative code to uncover creative possibilities and utilised movie poster design and visual communication theory to inform the design outcomes.

The three finals designs with EyeJack code attached.

Download the EyeJack App to activate the posters.

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Ngaire McLoughlin

Ngaire McLoughlin is a recent Visual Communication Design & Advertising graduate from QUT. Her interests are editorial design, typography and illustration; however, she is up to try anything and experiment with new mediums that continue to grow her skills as a Graphic Designer. Current design idols include Annie Atkins, Sophie Hur, Shuhua Xiong, and Petra Collins. McLoughlin looks forward to beginning her career as a Junior Graphic Designer at Hunt & Hawk.