Visual Communication - Bachelors

Close Contact

“Close Contact” is an installation piece that uses transmedia storytelling to distort the viewers perception of visual reality; whilst provoking feelings and questions around digital vs physical space in a post covid-19 world. The client is Brisbane Street Art Festival. The fictional brief is to create, “an innovative installation that will highlight the theme of covid-19 and how it has effected the arts community. “ The piece will be installed at the entrance to BSAF’s city office for the 2022 launch party. the attendees will move through the installation in order to enter the launch party. The piece is also effective for audience members viewing from the virtual tour.

Caitlin Joyce

Hi! I'm Caitlin. Welcome to my colourful world! I'm an Australian illustrator, artist, designer and recent graduate of Visual Communication Design at QUT. My aim is to clearly communicate a vision in a visually appealing way and spread some joy. I would love to intern for a design studio.