Visual Communication - Bachelors

BARE – Luxury Adult Retail

Bare is an adult concept store and retail experience. The project aims to assess and experiment as to whether the negative perception around adult/sex stores can be positively impacted by design. the concept will deliver a brand/store proposal that will include brand style guide (and application), store facade and touchpoints and the incorporation of an augmented reality animated storefront.

‘opt-in’ advertising

brand expression and identity is an area which adult retail has always
been limited. from moth ends of the spectrum, where stores limit their
identity for the sake of the general public to stores which are expressive
often causing controversy. bare aims to be the middle ground. not all
groups within the general public are ready for an overly expressive
adult store so bare will be bare. there will be an augmented reality
variation of our facade which will act as a public installation.

the aim is to give bare an element of brand expression whilst keeping
the viewing of it optional to members of the general public.

Ruby Cevallos

Hello! I'm a cat mum, tech-head, photographer, book worm and this year Design (Visual Communication) student. I have a minor in Architectural Studies and have a keen interest in experimental spaces, data visualisation and illustration. I love learning new skills and would love to develop my design style and approach into there future.