Visual Communication - Bachelors

Baku Swimwear Rebrand

Rebranding can breathe new life into a business and keep them from being overshadowed by the competition. As existing swimwear brand Baku matures, the original identity poses threat of becoming a liability and holding the company back from growth. Thus, this re-brand of Baku's digital and print presence will better align with the body positive movement, empower women, and stand out against the hyper-competitive fashion industry. Shifting emphasis to supporting self-conscious consumers will position the brand in a new light.

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Morgan Crase

Morgan is an emerging Graphic Designer based in Brisbane, specialising in the curation of brand experiences that merge art direction, branding, creative strategy, web design and social media interactions. Her design philosophy is informed by a notion of moral sustainability and passion for people. With heart and ambition, Morgan works to craft brand stories that will help emerging, local businesses find their voice.