Visual Communication - Bachelors

ABCs Of Covid-19

The ABCs of Covid-19 is a digital children’s book which educates and explains some terms which are used in and associated which today’s society. Since the start of the pandemic, children have been disrupted on getting an education at school with lockdowns and restrictions in place. During these Covid-19 lockdowns, not many people were able to access physical books at the library or go to school. As a result of this, children had to do their schooling at home online or put a pause on their learning or all together; creating a feeling of uncertainty or even wonder on what’s happening to the world. However, by creating this pop-up animated children’s book which explores the ABCs of Covid-19, children can understand and learn about this world disaster more.

Kelsey Williams

Kelsey Williams, known online as kelseystudio, is a Graphic Designer in her final year of university studying design in visual communications. Her interests are in digital drawing + rebranding design + social media content. She believes in her client’s values which helps create outstanding brand identity, reflecting on her skillset and her ability to work with others.