Visual Communication - Bachelors

100 YEARS : Where Will We Be?

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Fear of the dangers of technology and its negative impact on modern-day society has left many with a pessimistic outlook on the distant future and the tools to take us there. But can we envision something different? The idea behind the exhibition project is to promote future thinking by bringing attention to the scientific and technological advancements currently in development or soon to be in development e.g. space travel and cybernetic augmentations.

1. augmented reality filter

An augmented reality filter that transforms the user into a futuristic being with cybernetics, chrome skin and glowing eyes. As technology continues to become more integrated with the human body, external cybernetics will become more commonplace with various upgrades and customizations similar to how people today view jewelry and makeup. This filter that can be accessed through Instagram and Facebook is meant to envision one possible outcome for how technology will further integrate with the human body in order for us to adapt to life on planet Earth and beyond in 100 years.

2. projected mural piece

An animated 3D constructed landscape piece of Mars with music and sound effects that is projected onto a wall to create a truly immersive viewing experience. This animated 3D modeled landscape design heavily inspired by real drone footage of Mars is intended to act as a window into what space travel and colonization may look like in the future and to create a sense of escapism from reality and onto another planet.

projection prototype design

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Edowa Ehigie

With a focus on graphic design and illustration, Edowa Ehigie prides herself on making bold and vibrant designs with an energetic and eye-catching style to grab audiences' attention. With a strong passion for science fiction and popular culture, she uses emerging technologies to tell stories and evoke strong emotional reactions by combining creativity and imagination with her designs. Edowa's creative practice fuse her own artistic expression and influences with a strong attention to detail that establishes a memorable visual identity and viewing experience in print and digital design.